What to expect

Your First Visit

Your journey to getting well starts with your initial consultation, and usually your first treatment. This consists of:

Step 1: Full Case History

You will be asked to give us some information about yourself, your current problem and your past medical history. Your osteopath will then spend some time going through this with you. This is extremely important and the information gathered in the case history is used to form a working diagnosis of your problem.

Step 2: Physical Examination

This is where we use the information gathered in the case history to test and rule out possible differentials and arrive at a more accurate diagnosis.

Initially we carry out a general examination observing both your posture and movement. Then  we examine your area of pain and any associated nerves, muscles and joints that may be contributing to your problem.

Step 3: Report of Findings & Treatment

You will be told in clear, simple language about your diagnosis, the possible causes, and what can be done about it. This will include your treatment plan, the prognosis and what you should expect from your first treatment.

On occasion it may not be best to treat initially and you will be advised on how best to proceed. With your permission it may be necessary to refer to your GP or other healthcare professional.