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Angus Clinics in Carnoustie provides tailored therapy for neck pain, relieving symptoms through carefully delivered techniques. We serve the local area proudly, working across Arbroath, Monifieth and Broughty Ferry. We use our understanding of pain management with the anatomical and physiological principles of exercise therapy and rehabilitation to develop specific, patient-centred, corrective exercises that work specifically for you. To us, alleviating your discomfort involves an acute analysis of the underlying factors, guiding you personally toward recovery, restoration and optimal neck function.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a distinct and lucid source of discomfort, encompassing the vertebrae, muscles, and soft tissues. Resulting from various factors, including poor posture, muscle strain, injuries, or underlying conditions, and often leading to stiffness, limited mobility, and discomfort, it requires targeted treatment that’s focused on providing support carefully to the sensitive area. We work delicately, considering the intricate connections between the neck, spine, and surrounding musculature. Through precise and gentle manual techniques, such as cervical spine manipulation and soft tissue mobilisation, we aim to alleviate muscle tension, improve joint mobility, and enhance overall neck function. Additionally, we target strengthening supportive muscles and improving posture, addressing the underlying causes of the pain.

Our Specialism

Our specialism is our care, administered with consideration and concern for your welfare. As part of that technique, we practise deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, dry cupping and passive stretching.  Every treatment is, to us, an opportunity to input deep recovery, uniting ambitions and aspirations for well-being.


Treatment from us incorporates gentle adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, and postural advice. Our aim is to advance you steadily, progressing in ways that are realistic and maintainable. We prescribe advice to help you prevent setbacks, suggesting lifestyle changes that may alter and impact your health. Our experience of working with clients has cemented us as leaders of industry-based insight, allowing us to facilitate the body’s recovery by understanding the intricate relationships between its various systems.

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Visit us for trusted, practical advice on acute symptom relief, remedies and therapy. We’re open from 8.30 AM-7 PM on weekdays, here to provide sports massage, physical therapy and support. By having the right conversation we will find the right solution, delivering strengthening and soothing neck pain treatment through a practising chiropractor working across  Carnoustie, Arbroath, Monifieth and Broughty Ferry.

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