We appreciate that value is important to you and our fees reflect the level of training, experience and standard of care that you will receive. Our goal is simply to get you better and we will help you with your symptoms & advise you with anything you need help with.

Initial Consultation £55 – Includes

Case history

We will need you to tell us all about your symptoms and your past medical history. We will then ask you some specific questions to help us.


We will then need to examine the area and related areas that are causing your symptoms. We will ask you to perform some simple movements. We will then carry out some specific tests to help with our diagnosis.


We will tell you what is causing your discomfort with any differential diagnosis if it isn’t quite clear at this stage. Sometimes with extremely acute pain common conditions can be very similar.


We will propose and carry out the necessary treatment and treatment plan.


We will give you some specific advice on what to expect. We will tell you what to do before your next treatment in order to speed up your recovery and reduce your symptoms. We may advise you to do some particular exercises at this stage.

Follow up Consultation £45

On your next visit we will ask how have things changed and improved. We will then do a re-exam of the area with some specific tests to check your progress. After this we will carry out the appropriate treatment needed.

As you progress we will offer some individual advice on how to avoid these symptoms in the future. This will be related to your work, lifestyle and hobbies.

Re-assessment Consultation £50

A Re-assessment consultation is when an existing patient presents with a different complaint or if they have not attended the clinic for a period of time. It allows more time to discuss the new complaint, take a detailed case history and carry out a new examination before any treatment can be given.

Maintenance Care £40

A maintenance appointment is offered to patients that require ongoing care and present to the clinic on a regular basis.

Private Healthcare

You don’t need a GP referral to see and osteopath. A few of the major insurance companies now cover osteopathy. It is worth checking your policy and contacting your insurance company to see if you need a GP referral in order to make a claim.

Some of the insurers our previous patients have used include: Aviva & Simply Health.