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Angus Clinics provides specialist pain relief to treat injury, dysfunction and muscle damage across Carnoustie, Arbroath, Monifieth and Broughty Ferry.. We recognise that symptoms often manifest as a result of underlying imbalances, finding harmony by applying focused treatment to flagged areas. Through a combination of manual techniques, we facilitate improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and neural function, alleviating immediate symptoms. We aim to guide the body towards a sustainable and resilient recovery, emphasising the importance of restoring balance to enhance overall health.

Our Specialist Knee & Hip Pain Treatment

We focus on applying tension to key areas to stimulate restoration and relieve the body of tightness. Through deep tissue massage, we apply sustained pressure to target the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. Aiming to release chronic tension, the process fosters a sense of renewal through concentrated physical application. Useful for combating chronic pain, postural problems and sports-related injuries, the approach applies itself to specific muscle groups within the knee or hip to alleviate stiffness and promote effective restoration.

Our Approach

We aim to educate you, informing you on the physical cause of your injuries to enable you to take control of your recovery. We appreciate the significance of a holistic approach, integrating lifestyle recommendations, nutritional advice, and tailored exercises into our therapy to extend the difference our treatment makes.

Our Diligence

Our diligence sits in our commitment to identify the root cause of your injury and address it immediately, finding remedies that relieve the way you feel. Your body, your fitness and your healing process are what underpin our values. We aim to guide you toward transformation by delivering reputable techniques with a bespoke level of sensitivity and care. Partnering with us means trusting in the way we work, securing tailored progress and physical improvement.

See A Leading Osteopath For Knee & Hip Pain in Carnoustie & Surrounding Areas

Our expertise lies in our awareness of difference, ensuring we provide each client with relief tactics that are right for them. Striving for calm and collectedness, our methods use a hands-on approach with a varied use of pressure to find tense points and ease muscles. Book an appointment to get treatment tailored to you, led by a leading knee and hip pain specialist in Carnoustie, serving locally across Arbroath, Monifieth and Broughty Ferry. 

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