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Due to the recent coronavirus situation we have been forced to adapt and offer Online Telehealth Consultations.

This is something we have been considering for some time since a decades worth of experience has taught us, the important elements of a consultation are not what happens on the treatment table.

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This concept may be difficult for some people to get their head around so I’ll have to take a brief journey into Pain Science.

Pain Science

The truth is, Pain is complex!, It is defined as an “Individual Unpleasant Subjective Experience”, which basically means we all experience pain differently.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as tissue damage = Pain!

Pain is actually protective, it is your bodies response to fear, stress and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong if you have just gone over your ankle, i.e a Trauma, then its going to be sore and there will be a degree of tissue damage and Pain. But the vast majority of people that present in clinic do not have a physical trauma.

The reality is psychological factors and beliefs play a strong part in the production of Pain. Fear is a huge culprit, because what happens when you’re afraid?. Your Brain tries to protect you by heightening your nervous system making it MORE SENSITIVE resulting in increased Pain.

FEAR, ANXIETY & STRESS all produce the same response. They Increase the sensitivity of your nervous system resulting in a Pain Response.

How can a Telehealth Consultation help?

So how can a Telehealth Consultation help? By Understanding the factors that contribute to Pain!

Support!, Understanding! and Education! are the key elements to success. When an individual understands WHY they are in pain and WHAT my be causing it, it allows them to take control.

Having control reduces FEAR and ANXIETY thus reducing the nervous system excitability and sensitivity, therefore reducing PAIN! Simples!

So if you would like to have a chat about any problem you are currently experiencing please feel free to get in touch.